Final Thoughts

I am so thankful for this project. I feel like I have a much better grasp of flavors and how to use and combine them. I went into this feeling overwhelmed, and now I feel much more confident with me skills and strengths and weaknesses in cooking. I now think that every time I go into the kitchen I can find something to make, either using a recipe or creating my own item, as I have been doing. Cooking has become a hobby and a skill and I am so pleased with my improvement and how much I have improved this skill of mine. Cooking allows me to divulge myself and express my creative side, while also finding a way to enjoy my time.


Oatmeal Chews



First, I got all of the ingredients out. Then, I mixed the brown sugar, oatmeal, and oil in a bowl. As it sat for an hour, I cleaned up around the kitchen, and measured the rest of the ingredients I would need.


The first round, I left them in balls to put in the oven, then as I waited for them to cook, I made the next balls on a piece of parchment paper, and decided to try flattening these out. Overall, they both tasted good, yet the ones I left in balls were a bit chewier.

#3 Monster Cookie Bars

Tonight, I made monster cookie bars with my brother. Because my brother wanted to cook with me, and it is so rare we do so, I agreed. Throughout the hour we were cooking, I had so much fun. We joked around and bickered back and forth the entire time, and although he also played jokes and messed around, it was so fun to cook together. He even gave me a tip to sift the brown sugar first, then measure, something I remember my mom telling em a longtime ago. Yet, now, he spends a lot more time with my mom than I am able to, so he has been getting her tips, and I was able to see how she has made an impression on him and he can now pass it on. I was also able to give him tips as we cooked, and we both had a fun, learning experience. I think working together made cooking so much fun and gave us quality time together. We both learned from each other, and we grew closer.







Today, I set out to make lemon crinkle cookies. When I had looked up recipes a couple weeks ago, these looked delicious and I have never made anything like them before. When I was in the store, my dad told me that I had to make the lemon zest from lemons, so I bought 2 lemons, imagining that lemon zest was the “insides” of the lemon. Then, when I went to cook, I looked up a video of how to zest a lemon, and found that the lemon zest is actually the outer skin of the lemon. This was another new skill I was able to develop. I tried to avoid the inner white skin as much as possible, yet I think I still got some. Also, once I had all of the lemon zest, I wasn’t sure exactly how to measure it, so I did my best to measure 2 tablespoons. The recipe also didn’t mention if I should cut it smaller or just leave it the whole skin, so I decided to cut it into tiny pieces, as it seemed weird to leave it in big pieces for cookies.


Then, I followed the instructions, and finished mixing everything together. When I finished, the batter seemed very weird, as it was mainly liquid (egg whites) with almonds and didn’t seem like much of a mixture for cookies. Instead of rolling them in powdered sugar, I sprinkled it on top.


When I had finished, they definitely did not look like cookies, and did not even seem edible.


After cleaning up, I headed back to my room to figure out what I did wrong. I realized my cookies were supposed to look like the picture below, and that something had gone way wrong for me. Then it hit me, the blanched almonds in my recipe were supposed to be almond flour! I even almost replaced them for almond flour on my own, as the almonds seemed very weird. When the recipe printed, it cut off the flour” so I thought it was only blanched almonds. From now on, I will make sure to compare recipes and to read the entire directions from the beginning.


#1 Paleo Biscuits


Today, I made the first, and probably simplest, recipe on my list, paleo biscuits. First, I cleaned the cooking area, then I gathered all of the ingredients I would need.


After I mixed the dry ingredients in one bowl, I moved onto the wet ingredients in another. I realized that the coconut butter I measured while it was cold was a lot more once I melted it so I had to adjust.


Once I mixed everything together, I took a spoon and started putting balls of the dough on the pan. This dough was a lot lighter and more airy than other items I have made so I was a bit worried about how everything would turn out. Although they turned out nicely, I wasn’t sure when they were done, so I kept them in a few extra minutes and the bottoms came out browner than expected. Next time, I would either smooth the balls more, or try the other recommended option, flattening them.


Holiday Spirit

Today, I planned my next four recipes. I decided that for the December, I would try to bake gluten free Christmas themed items. As I searched, I decided on paleo biscuits, Gluten Free Lemon Crinkle Cookies, monster cookie bars, and oatmeal chews. I have never made any recipes like these, so as I searched for recipes I tried to stay away from any that I have made in the past of could be familiar with. Then, like last time, I compiled all of the recipes onto a document then made another document with all of the ingredients. I then took the list to the kitchen and circled items that I would need to bake. Then, I headed to the store. It has gotten easier to find all of the items in the store, and although it still takes time, I go slightly faster through the aisles. 

Recipe #3

Yesterday, I made the last recipe, cornbread. Although I liked it after a few bites, there was a weird taste at first in which it took a few bites to get used to. The next day, my family tried it, and they did not like it at all, and I knew I would be teased for this. I do not want this one recipe to represent me as a chef. I need to work past the mistakes and push through and try to improve the recipe or find a new recipe for next time. I think it is important not only to make food for myself but that others can enjoy as well. Although this was mostly unsuccessful, I can reflect on my mistakes and know that I am not always perfect.